• 《我愛丁堡》(突破出版社,2010)。【榮獲第五届香港基督教金書獎『最佳新晋作者』獎】

Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

  • 『人算什麼?—— 從《猩凶革命》與猿人電影系列再思人的角色與位置』,載於王礽福編,《睇電影,學神學》 (宣道出版社,2013)。
  • ‘Contemporary Christianity and the Religiosity of Popular Chinese Cinema’, in Christianity in Contemporary China: Socio-Cultural Perspectives, edited by Francis K.G. Lim (Routledge, 2013).
  • 『關於香港普及文化與青少年的十條命題:給教會群體的提示』,載於李耀全編,《再思青少年牧養》 (崇基學院神學院,2011) 31-43。
  • ‘Inspiring Education for Sustainable Life through Japanese Animation Films of Hayao Miyazaki’, in Fragmenta Ioannea Collecta: Special Volume 2010. [co-authored with Ching Pui Sun]
  • ‘Projecting Christian Faith on the Hong Kong Screen’, Studies in World Christianity 15.2 (2009) 113-130.
  • ‘A Secular Gospel for the Marginal: Two Films of Stephen Chow as Hong Kong Cinematic Parables’, in Religion and the Sacred in a Media Age, edited by Christopher Deacy and Elisabeth Arweck (Ashgate, 2009) 203-218.
  • ‘Engagement in Television by Protestant Christians in Hong Kong’, Studies in World Christianity 11.1 (2005) 87-105.

Recent Conference Papers:

  • ‘The Religiosity of Popular Chinese Cinema and its Implications for Contemporary Christianity’, presented at the conference ‘Christianity in Contemporary China: Socio-cultural Perspectives’ @ Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 7-8 January 2011.
  • ‘To Live and Die on the Chinese Screen: Regarding the Religious Dimensions of Chinese Language Cinema’, presented at The 7th International Conference on Media, Religion, and Culture @ Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada, 9-13 August 2010.
  • ‘Resurgence of Refugee Theology? Hong Kong Evangelistic Films as Expressions of Fundamentalist Christian Values’, presented at Crossroads in Cultural Studies (The 8th International Conference of the Association of Cultural Studies) @ Lingnan University, Hong Kong, 17-21 June 2010.

Other Relevant Publications (selected):



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